I’m an interdisciplinary artist (and art researcher) working in participatory art projects. I’m working between Switzerland and Italy as art mediator in museums and schools. In the meanwhile I’m looking for Residence for Artist hosting my traveling project: Gathering Words.

Gathering words is a itinerant project, it’s related to the conceptual, participatory and dialogical art (that use written and spoken language as medium). I explore the semantic use of the language, the creativity process: individual and collective, and a topic concerning a specific community (could be the growth, violence, racism, issue about a comunity). I usually start my research gathering words and prompts, opinions about the topic. The gathering could be individual, collective (workshops, event). I research data from written, radio, video, archive media and when I collect all the material necessary I figure out which shape are more meaningful for the area/territory/context/environment.

It’s a participatory project, always in working progress, I make me affect about people ideas starting a shaping sculpture that I called: thoughts sculpture (assembly/composing idea). It’s a remove and adding process, both physical and abstract. I deal with spoken (sound) and written words (material/stamps and paper) in order to create shape related to the topic explored, finding meanings and resolutions. It’s a constructive process that use art and esthetic shapes to explore and find new ways to operate in differents field: economy, architecture, education, politic.

My aim is to show and increase creative thought process using more means/languages as possible. The final resolution could be an installation, a performance, a event, an action using painting, sculpture, space, time, dance, music, whatever can be useful to express meanings. I mean art as a process, in my research I don’t looking for a final object/product, all that I creating in these participatory projects aim to be ephemeral and seek to live traks in the audience’s awareness.

The gathering words was ispired by a project that took place between 2018 to 2019 (1 year) in a small town in Italy (Bardi, Emila Romagna) where I gathered one by one 139 words from the citizens. The topic was “the most beautiful words”. With all these labels (print paper) I created different object and installation involving the whole population. The workshops that I propose to the Residence for Artists took inspiration from this model, including written and spoken language as art medium. I used to speak and create dialogues about the words chosen in orther that shaping Though Sculptures. I using video and record as art language in order to document the “artwork”/artpiece.

The Gathering Words is a work in progress project that I propose to Residence for Artist and is it based on a own personal method developed on my Master Thesis where I figure out some criteria (the most important ones: gathering, transformation, form) for create participatory art project. Social and psychological investigation into a community in order to transofrm that data (written and oral) in an artistic form. This kind of research is related as an ethnographic approach, the artist put him/herself in a listening attitude in order to gather informations/data.